RebelMouse CEO: Brands Need to Tell a Coherent Story on Social Media

By Gabrielle Karol FOXBusiness

Revolutionizing the way we use social media

RebelMouse CEO Paul Berry weighs in on company growth.

Big brands like Pepsi, Burger King and The Wall Street Journal are turning to content platform RebelMouse to better connect with customers.

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RebelMouse, founded by former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry, aims to help brands combine their social media efforts in one place to create “a coherent story.”

“I think one of the things that is really exciting for us is that the change that’s happening in the world around how consumers interact with and consume content, and how they make decisions around brands, is changing faster than we ever predicted,” Berry tells FBN’s Deirdre Bolton.

“And so we’re the marketing platform that brands are using to take advantage of that, and the brands that are doing well with us are killing it,” says Berry.

Berry says brands today are struggling to deal with followers that are spread across various social networks.

“[B]asically, you get fragmented across devices and across networks, and really for us, our slogan now is ‘Let your ideas roar,’” says Berry. Brands that use RebelMouse can feature the content posted on networks like Facebook and Twitter on a single page.

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RebelMouse has raised $12.8 million from investors including New Enterprise Associates, Lerer Ventures and Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti. At present, the company says it is reaching 19 million unique visitors a month.

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