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Classic American Company Finds New Ways to Innovate

By Gabrielle Karol The Conference Room FOXBusiness

Innovating an Iconic Brand

Turtle Wax CEO Steve Knoop explains how innovation is important to company growth.

Family-owned and Chicago, Illinois-based Turtle Wax may be a classic American company, but innovation is still a top priority, says CEO Steve Knoop.

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In a conversation with FBN’s Jeff Flock, Knoop discussed Turtle Wax’s line of new specialized products – in addition to the classic wax the company is known for.

Founded in the late 1930s, Turtle Wax today sells more than 80 products, according to Knoop, including a Black Box product that’s designed especially for black cars.

“We did the market research, and guys love their black cars. So guys want that shine envy, and that’s what we’re giving them,” says Knoop.

Another of the company’s innovative concepts is a rinse-free wash and wax product, which allows users to wash their cars using only 2 gallons of water. In contrast, Knoop says the traditional wash uses 140 gallons of water.

Teamwork Helps Turtle Wax Stay on Top
Staying at the cutting edge requires a lot of teamwork, says Knoop, from the marketing staff that helps come up with the ideas, to the research and development department, to the operations team, that figures out whether new products are even feasible.

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Whether the product is the original wax or a newer offering, Knoop says Turtle Wax stands out when it comes to “protecting your investment, and keeping the shine no matter how old or new the car is.”

And creating products with real value is how Turtle Wax got its start, many years ago.

According to Knoop, the company was born when founder Ben Hirsch waxed a guy’s fender while attending a baseball game at Wrigley Field. The car owner was so pleased with the outcome that he bought a bottle of wax from Hirsch, right on the spot.

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