What Your Employees Say Behind Your Back

By Gabrielle Karol Features FOXBusiness

Are your employees gossiping about your management skills? Find out what they really think – and learn the 12 questions to ask yourself – in today’s roundup. Plus, check out tips for maximizing social media and how to effectively spend your advertising budget.

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Where to spend your ad dollars: A Boston Consulting Group report shows that small businesses are spending only 3% of their advertising budgets on online ads. Are you making the most of online advertising?

Ask yourself THIS: In order to be successful, you need to be honest with yourself. Here are 12 questions all leaders should ask themselves, according to one Forbes contributor.

What your employees say behind your back: You may think your staffers love you, but do they really? Find out the 7 things your employees think about you – but would never say – according to Inc.com.

Maximize social media (without wasting time): Don’t have time to be on Facebook and Twitter all day (or the money to hire a social media pro)? Here’s how you can automate your social media efforts, without seeming like a robot.  

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