What Really Motivates Employees?

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness

My favorite tweets of the week: Facebook released new graphing features and the debt ceiling debate rages. But this week was a great week for tweets about credibility. Just ask Lance and Manti.

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Manti Te'o has lost thousands of fans in the past 10 minutes but has gained one very prominent one: Lance Armstrong.



No matter what happens to the economy, our federal reserve will always be filled with comedy gold:

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Had to fire a company I was doing business with - when they heard the reasons in a logical format - relationship turned around!

If you have stuck to your New Years resolution you're over half way to creating a new habit... 28 days to change behavior

Tip: One of an #SME's greatest strengths is its adaptability & flexibility. Make sure you don't get left behind as markets change. #business

Just found out that entrepreneur means undertaker – one who undertakes (risk) – in French. Pretty cool!

So which #socbiz vendor is going to be the first to introduce "Graph Search for the Enterprise", emulating Facebook's upcoming feature?

Processes decay. If your process isn't evolving during the project, it is dying - and taking you with it.

who decided forks should have 4 prongs? I want a 7 pronged fork. Business partner anyone?

Core values may be the reason that your employees enjoy working at your company & are motivated & committed to doing their best work.

The only thing more frightening than the potential for failure is the potential for success

Disappointment setting in as regular people discover that Facebook launched a graph search engine, not a giraffe search engine.

i like interviewing ppl. except when they no show, and send an email 90 mins later "sorry, i'll let u know how next week looks."


The #Eagles will interview Lance Armstrong. My bad. I mean Oprah will.


I wish POTUS ran a credit card company. I could tell him he must raise my spending limit, that way I can pay my bill.


Tip for ecommerce firms: let me dial down promo emails from daily to, say, monthly frequency vs unsubscribing


Suggestion for small / local businesses: having a means of contact on your website would be GREAT.


I disagree. Not raising the debt ceiling is like driving to your bank and punching your loan officer in the face.


Why did they randomly bring out famous kids? Is there going to be a Hunger Games? #GoldenGlobes

At this stage in the game, a Golden Globe to Maggie Smith must be like winning a perfect penmanship award in 3rd grade.

I miss CES.

It's so annoying to be charged a "service" fee for booking your own damn tickets online.

Everyone is watching the Globes and I am writing job descriptions. I suppose we are both doing our parts to support the economy. :)

The secret to success on the social web is simple: Be likeable.


"Snow day!" those two words once brought joy. Now they're just another way of saying "goodbye, productivity."

Lance Armstrong should guest star on 'Girls'. Just so we can hear more about both of those things in the press.

As a parent, I'm acutely aware of how much online debate resembles arguing with a technicality-obsessed nine year old.

Is there anyone who "hasn't" written a post about Facebook Graph Search? The speculation is entertaining.


Adjusted for inflation, Apple makes as much money in 1 year as Spanish conquistadors brought back from the Americas in 200.

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