Office Tweets: How Often Do Normal People Check E-mail?

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness


This week the small business world was tweeting about Powerball, the economy and the holiday season.

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I wonder why no one on twitter is talking about the financial cliff? I mean everyone seemed to be politicians a few weeks ago!

Can't believe I didn't play my Social Security# in Powerball! I wouldn’t've won, but at least I'd finally have it written down somewhere.

Groupon emails serve as a nice daily reminder of all the fun stuff I can't afford to do even at a 60% discount.

Whether an entrepreneur or job-seeker, speak as an equal. Sounding better, smarter etc. puts your clientele off.

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Dear Product Managers. There is a big difference between "yes we can do that" and "yes we support that out of the box"

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To paraphrase Seth Godin, cutting price is what you do when you run out of good ideas.

From my Sales for Startups class: "looking at a picture of your loved one triples cold call success"

Deleting your Facebook is like running away from home when you were a kid: You're doing it for attention and we know you'll be back.

Creating a #custserv board of directors that meets on a regular basis may be 1 of the strategies to keep your focus on the customer.

Business growth killer: "I can't get all my work done" but "I'm not hiring another employee."

Your suppliers are your partners in business. Choose them as carefully as you would choose your partners in life.

Set up Squidoo lenses and HubPages. You can place your links on these pages & if informative, readers will link to them.


Reason #86 that I love GotoMeeting: Garlic filled lunch!


I sometimes forget that normal people don't check their email every 30 seconds.


Coffee companies: if you put your coffee in a red bag & slap the words "holiday blend" on it, I will probably buy it, even if it's terrible.


Boehner `optimistic' budget talks with Obama will continue, in other news 300M people are optimistic they have the winning PowerBall numbers


'The single most important thing is equally real passion, the ability to communicate well and to sell the idea on your feet.' #Entrepreneur


Strange that no one has endorsed my dancing skills on LinkedIn yet. It's all "mobile this" and "mobile that."


The whole Office 2013 / Office 365 makes my head hurt. Microsoft uses both numbers. Pick one & go with it.

As a culture, were not technologically advanced till we have "Cyborg Monday", specials on Google eye implant and Apple arm.

cant believe its already time to take my cyber monday decorations down

Maybe I just don't get it, but "free conference calls" seems like a bad business idea.

BREAKING NEWS: The Federal Government wins the $425m lottery and squanders it in about 15 minutes on cigarettes and cheap booze.

I prefer the Cyber Mondays of my youth, before the day became so commercial.

7 yrs ago we built a secure terminal server environment our staff could access from anywhere. Turns out we built a private #cloud #whoknew

If the economy is supposedly so bad, why are Holiday sales up so much this year? "That does not compute."

A couple has named their baby "hashtag." What a great name, said his siblings Lycos and .

so is Kickstarter the way of the future, or a passing trend? At some point do people develop crowdsourcing-overload and tune out?

I didn't win the Powerball but some nice man from Nigeria emailed to let me know I won their lottery!