Binders Full of Tweets

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness

So what words of wisdom helped me run my small business this week?  Here’s a few I liked.

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Besides a smile, looking your audience directly in the eye creates trust and likeability.

Customers may forget what they bought, customers may forget what it cost, but customers won't forget how you made them feel.


When you have to Google how to contact a business just to find a phone number, it means they have a bad website.

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How you package and label something determines where it will be delivered, who will receive it and how it is received

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70% of the buying cycle is complete before sales is contacted- Wow!

They don't want your brochure. They want answers to their situations and concerns.

The companies who are going to win are those who can adapt and change quickly. How? Stay well-connected to start-ups.

As an entrepreneur by nature I'm pretty much unemployable... but as an entrepreneur I create jobs :-)

Post-debate SpinRooms are completely irrelevant and useless now that we have millions judging in real-time on social media.

Most people jump to conclusions while successful people are jumping at opportunities.

I get reader mail. Here, in total: "Will all the software that functions on windows Xperia still function on windows 8"

(and subsequently…)

I think I should tell that reader if he is happy in his alternate universe with Windows Xperia, he should just stick with it.

I'm officially old. Love Shack on Muzak at dentist's office <sigh>.

Okay, now I'd like to see Felix Baumgartner jump from the Moon to Earth. #TripleDogDare

If the CMO and the head of sales sat in the same room every day, I predict the world would be different. You?

Google can't keep from accidentally blurting its own earnings publicly. You still trust it with your personal data and business files?

It definitely says something about the world when Citibank's hold music is hot guitar licks.

Thinking I should spend less time on Twitter, more time on Instagram. We shall see.

No comment on the rumors that Bill Clinton has already asked to borrow me. 

Lance Armstrong cheated in a BICYCLE race and incidentally raised like a billion dollars for cancer. So I'm gonna let it slide.


Every name you capture is a corporate asset, every email you get into your database is a hot lead


Our national debt is increasing at a rate of more than $2 million every minute.


all elves? RT @RebeccaJarvis: Holiday Hiring: Amazon 50,000; Wal-Mart 50,000; Macy's 80,0000; Toys R Us 45,000


47% of Americans are living in binders.