Working Hard and Becoming Your Dad

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness

So what words of wisdom helped me make run my small business this week? I’m just glad I didn’t see “Frankenweenie.” Here’s a few I liked.

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Sales reality: more customers and prospects are lost because of something that you failed to do than because of price.

If you don't ask your prospect questions, how can you have any idea what they want and need?

People love to buy from confident, relaxed people because confidence gives you high credibility.

Hire someone who understands what culture you’re trying to build


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So Fiscal Cliff is that episode from Cheers where the mailman does everyone's taxes, what's the big deal?

@ReformedBrokerI can't believe 'Frankenweenie' flopped at the box office! Kids love black and white movies referencing horror films from the 30's!


In China, it is acceptable to walk into an IKEA store to relax and take a nap.


PayPal, at one point, was burning $10 million a month.


2. "When you give conservatives bad news in your polls, they want to kill you,"


3. “When you give liberals bad news in your polls, they want to kill themselves.”

Left my Droid at home but remembered my coffee. I'm calling that a win.

Amazon introduces Author Rank. Hmmm - I presume one has to write something to benefit ;)

My dad owned his own business. He'd work 12 hours and come home exhausted. He'd fall asleep in his chair each night. I've become him.

That people waste their time "reasoning" w Web bullies & ego trips baffles me. Stab yourself in the face. Quicker, same result

Sign of the times: just heard phrase "social direct marketing." Social purists should commit hari-kari now.