Zuckerberg's call for more regulation 'cynical' but something can happen: Judge Napolitano

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is calling for more Internet regulation. Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said although the idea is cynical, European law may suggest otherwise.

“The cynic in me says of course he wants more regulation after he made his billions distributing private information about everybody else,” Judge Napolitano said to Mario Bartiromo on Monday in response to Zuckerberg’s Washington Post op-ed. “The non-globalist in me says, 'Are you kidding? You want EU regulations here?' We have a First Amendment and they don’t in the EU. Do you really want some government board to decide what constitutes hate speech?”

However, Judge Napolitano added “something” will inevitably happen because the EU has the right to be left alone.

"The realist is suggesting, something is going to happen,"he said. "The EU has something we don’t have… they have something called the right to be left alone. The right to disappear. The right to be forgotten. The right to take down everything that everyone’s ever posted about you.”


In Judge Napolitano's opinion, this will test freedom of speech in addition to the idea that Facebook is not a media company.

“They are not subject to the First Amendment and though I would hate if I were unfollowed or they took my ideas off because they disagreed with me, but they have the right to do that,” he said. “It is better they have the right to do that, which is better than some government bureaucratic telling you what to post and what to take down.”