Facebook’s Libra could boost bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies: Anchorage co-founder Diogo Monica

Facebook’s new cryptocurrency project is generating a great deal of buzz with lots of big name early backers.

Anchorage, one of the founding members of the social media platform’s Libra project, safeguards a company’s use of its digital assets through blockchain technology.

“We’ve really been one of the advisors and we’ve helped with cryptography, with distributed systems, with the security angles of what it takes to really build a blockchain that is going to be the backing of this new Libra global cryptocurrency,” Anchorage co-founder Diogo Monica exclusively told FOX Business’ Liz Claman on Tuesday.

Facebook’s roll out of the new cryptocurrency platform under the subsidiary, Calibra, is alongside 27 investing companies. The digital cryptocurrency wallet will be integrated throughout Facebook’s products.

Monica said Anchorage uses very advance technology to protect bitcoin and Libra investors.


“[We] make sure that these private keys, which are the underlying components that actually owns these digital currencies are completely disconnected from the internet and are safe and only accessible by the clients that hold them,” he said