Amazon treats workers like robots, ex-employee says

Amazon is coming under fire as the eCommerce giant faces increased pressure as thousands of employees across the world are speaking out against the company’s working conditions.

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Emily Guendelsberger, who worked at an Amazon warehouse in Indiana, told FOX Business that she was held to “robotic standards of productivity.”

“We carried around this scan gun and it would assign you tasks and every time you scan something to complete that task it would immediately give you a new one,” she said on “After the Bell" Monday.

Guendelsberger said Amazon was tracking her by using the bar in her scan gun that would start ticking down the seconds she had left in completing the task.

Amazon issued the following statement, "For someone who only worked at Amazon for approximately 11 days, Emily Guendelsberger’s statements are not an accurate portrayal of working in our buildings. We are proud of our safe workplaces and her allegations are demeaning to our passionate employees, whose pride and commitment are what make the Amazon customer experience great. We encourage anyone to come see for themselves what it’s like to work at the Amazon fulfillment center she worked at by taking a free, public tour of the site. Learn more at"

Guendelsberger said she spoke to dozens of her coworkers and people at other fulfillment centers who the majority share her experiences. She also claims Amazon acts in an inhumane manner by tracking its employees’ break times.

“You get to go out for coffee if you want and you get to use the bathroom if you want,” Guendelsberger said. “Technically, people who work at Amazon can use the bathroom, but when they do, they’re constantly being timed so their rate drops.”


Having your rate drop below certain criteria will result in being fired from Amazon, Guendelsberger said.