5G technology brings 'unbelievable speed' to mobile devices, Cisco CEO says

Game on! The race to dominate in 5G, the future of mobile technology, is on. And Cisco, one of the global leaders in networking for the Internet, predicts that the number of high-speed connections created by the new technology, will produce the need for massive upgrades to network infrastructures.

“It’ll be 400 million-plus 5G connections [by 2022],” Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said Friday to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo while discussing its latest study on mobile networking.

“And what’s going to happen is that you’re going to see these customers and the large service providers, they are going to need to build out dedicated network infrastructure for 5G because of all the capacity.”

What’s more, Robbins said it will bring "unbelievable speed" to mobile devices.

“When you see speeds of four to five times on a mobile device what we are seeing today and then lower latency… meaning how quickly you get responses across the network allows you to do real-time video applications -- really enables new enterprise applications,” said Robbins. “So it is going to be big.”

Although 5G phones are not yet on the market, a number of mobile carriers, including Verizon and AT&T, are expected to roll out the highly anticipated mobile network over the course of the year.

However, AT&T is offering a  glimpse of what the new technology would bring through its 5G Evolution service that is avalable in 400 markets across the U.S. Its CEO, Randall Stephenson, on Thursday told FOX Business he expects it to change the entire mobile landscape.


“You talk about a faster network — it’s more than that,” Stephenson said to Bartiromo, “This is an instantaneous network.”

Verizon also announced on Thursday plans to launch 5G in 30 cities this year.