Texas shooter fired at random shoppers and drivers at shopping centers, seven dead in massacre

It all began with a traffic stop for failing to use a left hand turn signal.

Officials say a man in his mid-thirties then opened fire, shooting through the rear window of his car at the state troopers conducting the stop.

The driver then unleashed a flurry of violence from Midland to Odessa, Texas – where police eventually killed him at the Cinergy Movie Theater parking lot.

Details are still limited as to where many of the two dozen people were injured, and why seven people lost their lives in the terror unleashed in the small communities 300 miles west of Dallas.

Police have confirmed one of the injured was a 17-month-old baby, who was rushed to another hospital for help. Three of the officers working to stop the gunman were also injured.

The New York Times, speaking to a 20-year-old worker at a restaurant near one of the shooting scenes, described the chaos that erupted at Twin Peaks.

“People were screaming, flipping chairs, cropping plates,” Junior Bejarano explained to The NYT.

In the parking lot, Bejarano saw a toddler, still strapped in her car seat covered in blood.

“It was horrible to see something like that.”

Cars along the route the shooter took were covered in bullet holes.

People at Music City Mall, including broadcasters at the local TV station who operate out of the shopping center, were ordered to leave the studio while reporting live on the chaos.

As they fled the mall, KOSA-TV journalists described items discarded by shoppers fleeing the mall.

The mass killing comes only a few weeks after two back-to-back shootings in nearby El Paso and Dayton, Ohio – both at shopping and dining areas.