Real estate expert Ron Wynn: America's 'dream' home -- here's what buyers want

We are all in pursuit of the perfect life. Some things never change.

Everyone loves the feeling of abundance, freedom, space, Zen and positive energy. Anticipating the desires of people is what architects, designers, landscapers, stagers, builders and Realtors regularly focus on.

Life can be complicated, and as the expression goes, stuff happens. But in the meantime, we tend to seek the dream of good feelings, strength and comfort and have wishes to provide the best of everything for our family, friends and loved ones.

Escaping stress, pain, pressure and resistance is all part of the vision. How does all this translate to homes for the luxury markets of America?

I've been showing homes to buyers for over 25 years and noticed many consistencies in buyers' taste. Life has become so complicated, with so much more demanding our time than in years past, when families all sat down together for dinner at 6 p.m.

Remember when Mom cooked for 15 people and Dad mowed the lawn and built things with his tools in the garage? People weren't working 14-hour days and taking their kids from ballet to soccer to swimming to gymnastics to math enrichment to play dates across town, etc. The traffic allowed for an easy, no-stress commute.

Although our desire to become superhumans has increased the levels of stress we experience, we cannot help but be grateful for what technology and product development have brought us. 

We walked without worry to the local schools and parks and didn't have nearly as many fears. Although our desire to become superhumans has increased the levels of stress we experience, we cannot help but be grateful for what technology and product development have brought us.

When shopping for a home, there are many considerations people face, particularly if it will be occupied by their family. High on the list of priorities is usually utility.

A home needs an adequate bedroom count, a place for children to play and study, perhaps a home office, etc. Of course, an attractive master suite with a private bathroom and adequate closet space is usually a must.

Bathroom count is also important, as is a conveniently located laundry room. As the price point escalates, demands for a family room, media room, gym and maid room may also find their way to the wish list.

Once the basic rooms are accounted for, people have specific concerns that are often centered around their lifestyle. Living rooms and formal dining rooms are not always a priority.

A floor plan that is very popular, often more important than one with a formal living space, includes a kitchen with center island that all opens to an adjoining family room that flows seamlessly to a yard, all on the same level, with no more than two or three stairs. We often hear this as a requirement of people with children, who desire easy access from inside to outside.

Air, light and space cater to creative thinking, fantasy and easy, stress-free, joyful living. Volume ceilings and open space provide freedom and tend to overcome any feeling of claustrophobia, opening the mind to inspiration and providing space for growth and opportunity.

Everything now is about positive energy. People are attracted to new, functional, easy-to-maintain, low-maintenance homes that promise years of pleasure and enjoyment without the threat of repairs, expenses and unforeseen problems.

A home that is well built with step-saving conveniences offering a good floor plan, good-sized rooms, a reasonable yard with privacy and a safe neighborhood is always going to get attention. Many buyers these days are persuaded by an outstanding local school or walking proximity to cafes and breakfast places.

Other attractions may be a view, proximity to the metro or an easy commute to the freeway. Purchasing a home is a very personal experience.


When a home is staged, when it appeals to calmness, Zen and comfort, and when it provides a retreat from life's pressures, it will catch many people consciously or subconsciously in pursuit of a better life.

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