Why John Brennan should lose security clearance: Kennedy

Former CIA Director John Brennan has lost both his security clearance *and* his mind as he continues freefalling down a negative rabbit hole of hypocrisy and insults, trying to drag the president with him into his dirty cavern.

John Brennan clearly has no shortage of animosity and political opinions, and while he attacks the President for being treasonous and undignified, he's not exactly carrying himself with the weight and respect of someone who ran the world's largest spy agency.

Brennan belonged to a curious fraternity of secretive and power hungry government lifers who gladly used all their special tools to warrantlessly spy on Americans for their own good. Now that he and his yippy cohorts have such open disgust and disdain for the President, as they vocally insert themselves into a political process that is better for their silence, it is not a stretch that known liars and perjurers like John Brennan and former Director of National Security James Clapper would use their clearance as a political battering ram to bring down an opponent to their bro down.

Why do they want it so badly? If you leave government life for greener private sector pastures, why on earth do you still need to peep into the nether reaches of national secrets unless you're either addicted to preserving that special power *or* you plan on making sweet cash off your top secret stash?

If these grabby surveillance hounds want to defuse the deep state bomb, they are doing a piss poor job of keeping conspiracy theories from turning into laws. By throwing public tantrums at the threat and reality of revoking clearance with such defensiveness and vigor all they're doing is making the "deep state" seem much more real than the shallow one.

John Brennan can sue whoever he wants if it calms his sad fee-fees, but it's all a distraction from the ultimate and valid question of why so many people have clearance in the first place. Maybe this is as good of a time as any to ask whether or not spying liars deserve to hold onto their peeper power like a flower arrangement from a baby shower.