What is obstruction of justice? CIA's Woolsey explains

Former CIA Director James Woolsey on Wednesday discussed the two kinds of FBI investigations and which pertains to the phrase “obstruction of justice.”

“They run counterintelligence investigations in which you often don’t talk to the person who is under suspicion… But in this more general counterintelligence investigation, looking to see where leaks are coming from… There is not obstruction of justice; you are not pursuing justice, you are just pursuing knowledge about what the enemy maybe doing,” he told FOX Business’ Trish Regan.

Woolsey explained how a counterintelligence investigation differs from a criminal investigation.

“Criminal investigations… If somebody interferes with one of those, obstruction of justice is a real possibility to be charged with it. It takes an element of corruption there are various things that make it kinda hard to prove, but obstruction of justice is a legitimate concern in criminal investigations,” he said.