We're seeing an emboldened Trump and market: Varney

trumo macdill ap

Have you noticed? Since the passage of the tax deal, President Trump has become, if it’s possible, even more confident. He's got a bigger nuke button than rocket man. He's going to start his own "fake news awards" and Steve Bannon has "lost his mind.”  This is an emboldened president.

And so is the market. Investors are clearly emboldened by tax cuts. They're pouring money into stocks. If you're just joining us, the financial news is nothing short of spectacular.

I've been covering money on television for 40 years, and i've never seen anything like this.

Since the election all the major indicators have gone up by roughly one third. How many times have we said: check your 401k and smile. Do it again.... You are going to like it.

And this record shattering rally has added nearly $7 trillion to the value of America's companies. I’ve never seen anything like that.

The value of the big five tech companies has zoomed to over $3 trillion. Apple is on track to be the first trillion dollar company.

Now,  this picture of confidence is directly opposite to what you're seeing in the media....you'd think America is down in the dumps if you watch and read what the other guys are putting out.

So stay with us.... Sit back and watch financial history unfold: it’s a very positive story....an emboldened trump and your money's doing