Welfare reform 2.0 is on its way: Varney

The president orders the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group to the Mideast. The French, British and Saudis, reportedly on board with some form of strike on Syria. 

A tweet just hours ago said "nice and new and smart" missiles will be coming. Monday, he promised action in 48 hours. Time's almost up.

That has some investors worried. Right after the tweet, a selloff picked up speed – how big a strike will it be? Oil prices up too. The Dow, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq were all lower.

Welfare reform 2.0, here it comes.

The president wants to strengthen work requirements for people receiving Medicaid, food stamps and all the other assistance programs that cost $700 billion a year. One more part of the president's agenda looks likely to happen.

It is Day 2 for Mark Zuckerberg. Day 1 went well for Facebook’s stock: it had its best day in two years! He was on the stand nearly five hours. He emerged as the censor-in-chief for two billion users! A 33-year-old multi-billionaire has a big say in what gets on Facebook and what does not – that kind of power will be challenged. We are in the early stages of regulating digital media. But it’s coming.