Warren lied about Native American heritage to get Harvard job: Varney

President Trump honored the Navajo code talkers: The Native Americans whose language fooled the enemy. During the ceremony, he made a mocking reference to Pocahontas—the president's nickname for Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The media went ballistic ..."how could he do such a thing!"

Then, Sen. Warren said it was "deeply unfortunate" that the president had used a "racial slur.”


Let’s not forget that the original insult to Native Americans came from Elizabeth Warren herself. Applying for a job as a Harvard professor, she claimed to be a Native American. Harvard eagerly accepted her claim— they could tick off two boxes to show diversity: female and minority.

Unfortunately, Ms. Warren had made a false claim: She has never been able to prove her Native American status. She said she had "high cheek bones!”

Truth is, she had played the racial spoils game. Falsely claiming minority status to get a job.

President Trump is a sharp-edged guy: He uses nicknames very effectively. On the campaign trail he mocked Sen. Warren calling her Pocahontas.

So now it’s come full circle. The president uses the word Pocahontas in the presence of real Native Americans, and the fake Native American calls it a racial slur!

One last point: At the White House press conference yesterday, there was not a single question about tax cuts. That is surely the most important issue of the day, yet the assembled reporters ignored it.

They were too busy slamming the president.