Voters want Congress to back the Trump agenda: Dobbs

It has been one year since President Trump won the presidential election, and the economy has boomed ever since.

The Dow is up more than 28%. The S&P is up 21%, and the Nasdaq has gained nearly 31% since Election Day last year.

The economy expanded 3% in the third quarter, meeting or exceeding the president’s target for economic growth for two straight quarters. Unemployment is now 4.1%. It's at the lowest rate in nearly 17 years.

President Trump has followed through on promises to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris climate agreement. His Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was successfully confirmed to the high court and considered the most important jurist to join the court since Antonin Scalia.

The president is also taking steps toward building the border wall despite resistance from Congress, with eight wall prototypes recently completed.

But despite all of President Trump's accomplishments, Congress has yet to support this president's agenda. They failed to repeal and replace ObamaCare, despite promising to do so for years.

And now on tax reform. The House and Senate appear conflicted and confused about their own tax reform legislation. Tax cuts are now in jeopardy for the middle class and businesses.

Republicans in the House and Senate shouldn't miss the clear signal of yesterday's elections.

Voters have had it with establishment figures and their failure. Depart from President Trump's populist policies, and Democrats will take the House next year--and maybe the Senate as well.

The question is this: Will GOP Senate and House leaders continue to obstruct the president rather than support him and his policies?

Voters won't settle for less than the Trump agenda.