US China trade talks may only last one day as tensions flare

Trade talks between the United States and China may have cooled before they even started.

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Originally set for Thursday and Friday, the talks may only last one day, FOX Business has learned.

The delegation, led by Vice Premier Liu, will depart for China on Thursday at the conclusion of the talks. It is unclear why talks were shortened so close to the start.

However White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere issued this statement: “We are not aware of a change in the Vice Premier’s travel plans at this time. “

A Friday departure is being called undecided.

Ahead of the latest development, President Trump speaking from the White House said, "In my opinion, China wants to make a deal more than I do...I am very happy right now, we are taking in billions of dollars of tariffs..." he said while adding, "They've eaten the tariffs, they've devalued their currency and they are pouring a lot of money into their system. They've lost 3.5 million jobs and their supply chain is breaking up like a broken egg."

The Chinese insist they came in good faith and while they are making soybean and wheat purchases, at larger volumes than expected, the U.S. will not agree to the suspension of tariffs which shows a lack of sincerity.

U.S. stock futures, in early Thursday trading had initially declined, but then pared those losses.


R.N. White contributed to this report.