UN sanctions a ‘drop in the bucket’ for North Korea: Oliver North

“War Stories” host Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.) on Monday said the recent imposed sanctions against North Korea won’t be enough to stop its nuclear weapons program.

Last week, The United Nations Security Council passed a U.S.-drafted resolution mandating new sanctions against North Korea, which included banning textile imports and starving its crude oil and petrol supply.

“The asset freezes are wholly inadequate; none of those clowns in Pyongyang has a checking account at Bank of America or Wells Fargo. Banning their 725 millions in North Korean textile sales is a drop in the bucket,” he told FOX Business Trish Regan on ‘The Intelligence Report.’ “If the U.N. wants to shut off funding for the North Korean nukes and ICBMs, call the supreme leader Ruhollah Khomeini in Tehran, he’s the bank role behind all of this.”

North believes that China isn’t doing more to tame in North Korea because they don’t believe the U.S. will take military action against the Hermit Kingdom.

China is North Korea's most important ally, biggest trading partner, and main source of food and energy and accounts for 90% of North Korea’s total trade volume. China has recently supported sanctions against North Korea, but has yet to levy punishments against the country.

“They [China] don’t think we are really sincere about military action. It’s going to take action, not words. The president [should] start doing things like delivering biological and protection equipment to the Republic of Korea because they’ve [North Korea] got biological chemical weapons,” he said.