Trump's transgender ban tweets were a good distraction from his Sessions tweets: Ann Coulter

The FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney proposed that President Trump’s tweeting on issues like the transgender ban distract from accomplishing items on the Republican agenda such as health care reform and job creation.

Although “In Trump We Trust” author Ann Coulter agreed that the transgender ban tweet was a distraction, she viewed it differently, telling Varney: “It was a good distraction for something I wasn’t very happy with the president over…his tweets about the attorney general, the greatest member of the Trump administration.”

According to Coulter, there was a political motive behind Trump’s transgender ban tweet.

“In order to get the funding through for the wall, it was being held up by conservatives – or I would of thought you know sane humans – in the Senate who don’t want taxpayers like you and me paying for these lengthy transgender operations, years of therapy.”

Coulter then weighed in on the medical issues that used to prevent people from being able to enlist in the military.

“I mean, for Pete’s sake, you can’t get into the military, or used to not be able to get into the military, who knows now, if you had asthma, psoriasis, attention deficit disorder, but we’re going to bring in people with an extremely peculiar and rare mental illness...and have the taxpayers pay for it.”

Coulter believes the tweet was ultimately a win for Trump, saying, “Trump gets to go out against absurd political correctness and get funding for his wall, so I loved those tweets.”