Trump's logic behind his unorthodox presidency remains unclear: Kennedy

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Will Trump's ostracism of the GOP hurt his agenda?

FBN’s Kennedy on President Trump’s conflicts with Republican Senators and his health care agenda.

For those who love stability and the status quo, this president gives you fits and palpitations. For those who don't trust government institutions to do anything but burden freedom, the young Trump administration fills you with curiosity and skepticism in equal measure.

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President Trump seems happiest with chaos raining around him like mid-morning nickels at a strip club.

He's picked fights with powerful senators like John McCain and Bob Corker, and happily jabs at Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul when he gets bored.

If he's alienating the GOP it's because, according to the Wall Street Journal, he's a man without a party who's using brute force and Twitter to reshape the one he barely belongs to. Whether he's putting a fork in Corker by tweeting he's "liddle,” or challenging Rex Tillerson to a side-by-side IQ test-off, there is a method to his madness.

As he's said before, he likes to keep his strategy secret so we have no idea what the ultimate goal of the ostracization is, other than to humiliate his way to victory over those who dare to criticize his competency.

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The president has the power to mend damaged fences, as evidenced by his outings to Bushwood with Senators Paul and Graham after their hurt bottoms heal. He's given up on legislative victory thanks to Sen. McConnell's inability to pass anything larger than a kidney stone, so now he'll executive order-up some changes to health care by creating association health plans that let individuals and small businesses buy normal insurance free from the confining, communistic rules of the ACA.

Rand Paul tweeted his approval of the move, and if the president can accidentally get something done using dubious Obama-esque methods, and if it translates to lower health care costs and a better economy, then maybe it's not madness after all.

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