Trump's First Full Month Sees Boom in Construction, Manufacturing Jobs

Donald Trump meeting CEOs Fields Kushner FBN

The Labor Department on Friday released its February jobs report, giving its latest snapshot of America’s economy.

The U.S. economy added a more-than-expected 235,000 non-farm jobs last month, President Trump’s first full month in office.

Trump ran on the promise to create 25 million jobs over the next decade. Since taking office, the president has hammered industry leaders to increase U.S. production and employment, taking credit for keeping American companies such as Carrier and Ford from moving factories abroad. Trump has also promised a $1 trillion investment into U.S. infrastructure that will create “millions of jobs.”

The largest job growth in February came in the construction industry, which added 58,000 jobs  -- and 177,000 jobs in the last six months. Manufacturing added 28,000 jobs in February, for an increase of 57,000 jobs over the past three months.

FOX Business dove into the February jobs data, and here is a sector breakdown of job creation and loss from last month:

  • Construction: 58,000 jobs added
  • Manufacturing: 28,000 jobs added
  • Private Education: 29,000 jobs added
  • Health care: 27,000 jobs added
  • Mining: 8,000 jobs added
  • Retail: 26,000 jobs lost