Trump's budget won't kill people: Stuart Varney's My Take

By OpinionFOXBusiness

Varney: The left will demagogue Trump's budget proposals to death

FBN's Stuart Varney on Democratic views on President Trump's budget proposal.

That’s a taste of things to come; the Left will demagogue the president's budget proposals to death. The Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, says children will die...House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says the budget is "literally a killer.”

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Well, ask yourself…do you really believe that any change in the food stamp program for example, will actually kill people? Mayor De Blasio went on to say that "500,000 children in New York will have less to eat."

Really? C'mon your honor. This is just not right.

We know what's going on here. We've been hearing it for years...those wicked Republicans will starve your children, poison the water and leave seniors to die.

Pure demagoguery. False reporting designed to whip up emotion for political purposes.

Do you think it’s ok that 44 million people now receive food stamps, eight years after the end of the recession, with an unemployment rate well below 5%? That’s permanent welfare. And why not impose a work requirement on able-bodied adults? That will save $72 billion.

Let’s be clear...the president's budget proposal represents a slowing of the rate of growth in spending. The U.S. will still be spending $4 trillion each and every far the biggest budget of any society on earth.

What the Left wants is more and more government. More re-distribution. The Democrats have been taken over by their own left wing, the socialist wing, and they will do anything they can to stop all that our president stands for.

So you can expect more extreme language. It is demagoguery pure and simple. You will not find it here...