Trump witch hunt nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars: Kellyanne Conway

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Can Trump get agenda past Democrats' obstruction?

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, on President Trump's agenda and Trump's meeting with tech CEOs.

President Trump's longtime adviser Kellyanne Conway said Monday the expanding investigation into ties between the president's campaign and Russia has become an unnecessary burden on taxpayers.

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“I think the president just has to have this two-front war. On one hand keeping an eye on these investigations that he calls a witch hunt that so far have produced nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars and it’s getting really expensive," Conway told the FOX Business Network. "We lived through this before. Where are the same Democrats who complained about previous investigations that actually did bear fruit where a former president lied under oath and obstruct of justice. We know what happened there. They complained completely about the waste of taxpayer dollars. I would up that ante here."

Conway says she's calling on Democrats to support President Trump and help move the president's growth agenda forward. “The Democrats are interested in politics. The President is interested in governing and leading and having impact on people’s lives,” Conway said. “We are always open to getting their votes. Where are they? Why don’t they come to the table? And channel some bipartisanship on measures that affect their constituents as well.”

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Conway added Democrats should also speak up about the Russia probe which is costing taxpayers even as the White House pushes its plans for health care and tax reform.

“Obamacare has been the law of the land for 7 years. These sinking battle ships turn slowly and they’ve got part one through the house. Now, the Senate will do its’ work,” she said.

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