Trump will win immigration debate in November: Varney

Could it be? President Trump wins the immigration issue? After the uproar over family separation, and the drop in the president’s approval rating, and the split in the Republican Party, it sure doesn’t look like it. The Democrats think they can ride this to victory in November.

Hold on…don’t count your chickens. The Left has no immigration control plan. But voters want an immigration control plan. And we’ll ask the question again: What will the Democrats do when waves of illegals hit the border this summer. And they will come…the Democrats have put out the welcome mat. They are encouraging border crossings on a mass scale. The system will be overwhelmed. What will voter reaction be then?

We have some indication already…for the first time. A majority wants the wall built. That’s from a CBS poll, and they are hardly Trump supporters.

And there’s the Pew poll, reliably independent. It found the No. 1 issue voters want their candidate to talk about is immigration. Do you think open borders is a vote winner?

All over the world, mobile migrants are banging on the door of rich nations, fleeing the poverty and violence of the Middle East, North Africa and Central America. In Europe, Germany’s Angela Merkel let them in, with disastrous political consequences. In America, the Democrats want the same thing: >et them all i

But President Trump is holding firm. Last night he told an enthusiastic crowd, 'Build the wall and stop mass illegal migration.' He went right at the Democrats: “They want open borders,” he said, “and they don’t mind crime.”

He has a knack for getting right to the heart of the matter, and that’s what he’s doing on illegal immigration. Voters are listening …