Trump vs. McConnell looks like open warfare: Stuart Varney

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Who will blink first, GOP or Trump?: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney with his take on the battle between President Trump and the Republican Party.

It sure looks like open warfare doesn't it: Trump vs. the Republican Party. Trump vs. McConnell.

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This is what happens when Senate Republicans fail to live up to their promises. They couldn't get 50 votes to fix ObamaCare.

The president has had it. At an impromptu news conference, he hinted that if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can't get it done, he should leave.

Think about this: the Republican president is calling out the Republican Party. We've not seen this before.

And it’s happening as a full-scale crisis develops around North Korea, where a lunatic with a nuke is publicly threatening to attack America. And a Republican senator, John McCain, is criticizing the Republican president for his “fire and fury” statement.

There is no love lost between the White House and the Senate. During the campaign, candidate Trump blistered senators Paul, Graham, Rubio and McCain with very personal attacks. Not easily forgotten, or forgiven.

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In this political war, the president is piling on the pressure to get something done. He is reminding the Party that they're letting him down. He's separating himself out from the establishment and pointing the finger of blame at them.

But there's one thing we have to remember: The president needs the Republican Party to pass the legislation needed for his growth agenda. And the Republicans need to pass something if they want to avoid defeat next year.

So who's going to blink?

My guess: the Republican Party. Politicians facing re-election always jump on the bandwagon of self-interest.

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