Trump sends stocks soaring and creates over 1M jobs since inauguration: Varney

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Varney talks Trump's accomplishments

FBN's Stuart Varney breaks down President Trump's achievements 201 days into his presidency.

This is day 201 of the Trump presidency. We are told by the media that he has achieved virtually nothing.

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Well, consider this: by going after illegal immigration, illegal border crossings were down 64% in May. No other president has been able to do that.

On energy, the president has made America the dominant energy power. Oil and gas drilling permits speeded up. Fracking encouraged. It’s America that holds the key to oil prices, not OPEC.

In Syria and Iraq, ISIS has seen its territory shrink by one third. The president said he would destroy ISIS. He's clearly making progress.

On North Korea, Mr. Trump’s team has secured the most biting sanctions ever. And he's assembled a military force that’s probably capable of shooting down NoKo missiles. Haven't seen that before...

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Let’s not forget the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and legislation to make it easier to fire people at the Veterans Affairs Department.

And one last one...since the inauguration, the value of stocks has gone up $2.3 trillion; since the election, $4.1 trillion. Since the inauguration, over one million new jobs [have been created].

The next time you hear that we have a do nothing Congress, nod your head in agreement.

And the next time you hear President Trump has accomplished nothing, tell 'em to watch this show. We'll set 'em straight.

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