Trump responsible for 4% GDP, not Obama: Varney

Quotes from former President Obama:

“So, we pulled the economy out of crisis.”

“We got Iran to halt its nuclear program.”

“They rejected science and rejected facts on climate change.”

He’s back. Barack Obama has returned to politics. He will be in Ohio this week with another campaign style-speech. He’s leading the Democrat charge to the midterms. Is a return to the Obama era what voters want?

He’s claiming credit for the economy. That’s a stretch. Today’s stellar 4 percent growth is clearly the result of tax cuts and deregulation. That’s Trump. Not Obama.

A generational low for unemployment, with historic lows for African Americans and Hispanics. That’s Trump's record. Not Obama’s.

Then there’s climate change, and the Paris climate accord. Obama put us into it. Trump took us out. Do voters really want America to go back in? Remember, the Paris agreement let China off the hook with vague promises to cut emissions in 2030, while we had to cut right now.

Same story with Iran. Obama got us into the nuke deal. Trump has taken us out. Are we not in a stronger position now, with Trump's new sanctions derailing the Iranian economy big time? Trump has the Iranian people demanding regime change!

So will Democrats benefit from Obama’s return? Perhaps his calmer, professorial demeanor will attract those put off by Trump's style.

The president had a response to that: asked what he thought of Obama’s speech, he said “I’m sorry, I tried to watch it, but I fell asleep.”

Perhaps some voters want to return to Obama’s economy. Well the president had a response to that too: Growth at 4.2 percent. Unemployment at 3.9 percent – haven't seen that in a hundred years!