Trump Plans Hillary Take Down Speech

With less than one month left until the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump, the GOP’s presumptive nominee, is pulling out all the stops to win including launching a website aimed at Hillary Clinton.

While he attacks his rivals, he’ll also be lending a hand to the middle class.

“One of the most incredible statistics is, for 18 years middle class people haven’t had a real wage increase, and in some cases now they’re working two jobs and they’re making less money than they used to make,” Trump said during an interview with FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.

The presidential candidate and real estate mogul said he would impose penalties in order to discourage U.S. companies from offshoring jobs and moving production overseas.

“There’re going to be consequences for companies that close down, fire their workers, go to Mexico or other places and think they’re going to just sell here because of free trade,” Trump said.

Another topic on many voters’ minds this election season is terrorism. Trump said he believes the threat of ISIS should be dealt with overseas and explained how America’s willingness to accept refugees could be a risk to national security.

“It’s the ultimate Trojan Horse maybe,” said Trump. “But Hillary Clinton wants these people to come in from the migration. They say Syria, who knows where they’re from. And they’re coming in and we have no idea who they are, so we better be careful.”

During a speech on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, hammered Trump’s economic policies. On Wednesday, Trump will give his own speech, which he previewed with Dobbs.

“We talk about her record and her record is terrible,” Trump said. “You know, she’s Crooked Hillary, let’s face it, she’s Crooked Hillary. She always has been and nothing’s going to change. The last time she spoke, I let her speak…I noticed, so many of the things she was saying were outright lies. Fabrications.  And I said, this time we’re going to cover it point by point.”