Trump needs political skills to sell pro-growth agenda: Stuart Varney

President Trump is not a politician. During the campaign, that was a plus, it helped him get elected. He was a businessman who got things done.

Now, he needs politicians to pass his growth agenda, and he needs political skills to sell it. He has not become a politician. He has not changed.

He's going to spend the weekend at Camp David. That’s the presidential, rural retreat. Peace and quiet. We are told he'll use the time to regroup. Good. He needs to regroup, because there are real signs this presidency is unravelling.

Particularly striking was the statement from Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). He said the president lacks the stability and competence to be successful. He's questioning the "stability" of the president. Not the presidency, but the president himself. The same thing has been said by the Left, but now it’s coming from a Republican senator. The writing is on the wall: rightly or wrongly, key constituents are peeling off, walking away from the Trump administration.

That’s why the stock market looks shaky. The president's standing throws his entire growth program into doubt.

Trump supporters have long claimed that the president's negotiating skills would carry him through. Hard ball negotiation would get things done.

It has not worked out that way. Angry statements and off-the-wall tweets have not brought people to the negotiating table. They've turned them away. He has very few defenders and a multitude of critics.

So it’s off to Camp David for that fresh country air.

Senator Corker did more than question the stability of the president. He said "we're at the point where there needs to be radical changes taking place at the White House. It has to happen".

The president is on his way to Camp David. We will soon see if he's listening.