Is Trump's new deal with Mexico a game changer?

Acting Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Director (ICE), Mark Morgan believes President Trump's new deal with Mexico is a “game changer.”

“Make no mistake, this is absolutely a game changer. If Mexico continues to follow through with what they promised, this is unprecedented, the 6,000 troops to their southern border, hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement to work in the interior of Mexico targeting cartels in the smuggling routes,” said Morgan when he joined FOX Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight. 

“The third element, under the MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocols and Mexico has agreed to allow asylum seekers to remain in their country instead of being allowed to illegally enter this country. That is absolutely a game changer and you're going to see this, the numbers drastically go down if Mexico sticks to their agreement,” he explained.

This, after the President had threatened Mexico with tariffs on imports to America. The tariffs were to start at 5 percent and go all the way to 25 percent, or until the President of Mexico started to help out with the crisis at our border.


The President has been very vocal about Mexico doing their fair share to stop illegal immigration into their southern border. The flow of migrants come from countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador, which make their way through the Mexico border and through Mexico to the border of the United States, where most enter illegally. Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Andrew McAleenan said Tuesday at a hearing on Capitol Hill, 60,000 children crossed into the U.S. in the last 40 days, 144,000 border crossers have been detained in the last month and over 5,800 people have recently been detained in one 24 hour period.

“I believe Mexico, the government of Mexico felt they had no other choice to finally get off the sideline and be true partners. If they continue to carry out what they've agreed upon, they really will be true partners with us in this crisis,” said Morgan.