Trump haters should agree that prison reform is a worthy cause: Kennedy

Well look at the big brain on bubble butt! Kim Kardashian waltzed into the president's office with a plea for a pardon and walked out with a commutation for Alice Johnson, a non-violent drug offender whose life sentence embodies the need for prison reform.

Resistors will say the president is only handing out cherry-picked pardons as a signal to his friendly flies caught in Mueller's web that help is near. But lefty Trump haters have to keister the kilo of bitter truth that despite how much they may hate the president, this worthy cause championed by Jared Kushner may move the reform conversation productively further than past administrations. For the 45th president’s foes, these reprieves may not be all good, but they're not all bad either.

We are in the midst of a post-modern presidency: To some people the president is a political messiah, to others he's the devil, but the truth is he's an odd man who does nothing like it's been done before, and he'll do a lot more to be loved and loathed before his first term is up.

If what stems from this conversation is a serious examination of why we're putting non-violent people in lifelong cages and there are bills that reflect necessary changes, that's a lot more productive than distracting discussions about the anthem or cancelled White House visits or "my flag pole is bigger than yours."

You should want the country to improve, you should want people to experience freedom, and if you can't get past that some good things come from a guy you despise, then you are a dumb prisoner of your own drama.