Trump has a tough audience to deal with in Davos: Dobbs

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Denizens of Davos are already trying to undermine Trump: Dobbs

FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the hurdles President Trump will face attending the World Economic Forum.

Tonight, President Trump will be trading in the D.C. swamp for loftier ground, headed for Davos, in the Swiss Alps. For a year, this president has been battling, and beating, RINO establishment Republicans, obstructionist Democrats, the deep state and the left-wing national media in Washington D.C. And soon he will boldly step onto an establishment favorite, the annual meeting of the globalist cabal.

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President has a tough audience for the next two days as he sells "America first" to the assembled global elitists of business and government who demand open borders, unfettered free trade and multilateralism.

Not surprisingly, the denizens of Davos are trying to undermine President Trump before he's even arrived.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel didn't have the guts to name the president as she railed against him in the snowy Swiss Alps, instead she criticized so-called "national egotism" and ridiculed the idea a country would build a wall to secure its borders. Even though dozens of countries do exactly that and have secured their borders.

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Merkel even advanced the notion of handing over national sovereignty to the corrupt United Nations, but didn't mention the U.S. shoulders 22% percent of the U.N. budget while Germany chips in just six percent.

She didn't brag about the EU's economic growth rate of less than 1%, nor did she congratulate President Trump for boosting GDP growth rate to 4%, and didn't mention the $8 trillion increase in the U.S. stock market thanks to President Trump, his policies and most important his leadership.

You can be sure the internationalists at Davos will snark and underestimate this president, just as did the D.C. swamp creatures.

The president should have great fun and the Euros should have a great education. In free markets, capitalism, free enterprise and constitutional republics. And yes, in strong committed individual leadership in the national interest. Safe travels Mr. President, and have a hoot.

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