Trump declaring state of emergency on opioids an 'excellent thing,' Ron Ferguson says

President Trump says he will declare a national state of emergency to combat the opioid epidemic impacting America. CEO Ron Ferguson agreed with the forthcoming declaration, telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo it is “an excellent thing to bring attention and resources to help combat the problem.”

When asked if the crisis is concentrated in certain areas, Ferguson responded, “Unfortunately I think pharmacies and pharmacists see it happening all across the country.”

Ferguson then explained why the opioid crisis is happening.

“There’s a certain number of people, if they’ve been prescribed narcotics for any type of pain – a pain due to an automobile accident, a sports injury – once they have that injury and if they still have pain but there’s limited ways to get pain control, there’s a certain segment that may try another option like heroin,” Ferguson said on Mornings with Maria.

According to Ferguson, declaring a national state of emergency would “draw attention so that hospitals and treatment centers work together so it brings resources to the country.”