Trump runs attack ads in Democrat debate city Detroit

Trump Campaign 2020 ran full-page ads Tuesday slamming Democrats in the debate state of Michigan hours, before the Democratic debates. The Trump 2020 Campaign ran full-page, color ads in the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News attacking the Democratic hopefuls and highlighted positive points from Trump’s first term.

As the Democratic candidates prepared to debate policy, the ads recalled positive employment numbers for diverse demographics from Trump’s first-term legacy, accusing his Democratic challengers of “plan[ning] to wreck America.”

They emphasize that unemployment is at its lowest level in half a century, paychecks are rising for 90 percent of Americans and unemployment among blacks, Latinos and women is historically low.

The ads also took the liberty of slamming Democratic proposals for health care reform. He cited their plans to eliminate private health insurance and provide tax-payer funded free health care to illegal immigrants. While touting the president’s record on jobs and paychecks, the ads accused Democrats of “big government socialism.” Plastered across photos of the candidates taking a lawful oath was the phrase “They Are All the Same.”

Detroit falls at the epicenter of one of the purple battleground states. In the 2017 election, Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton in Michigan by 0.3 percent of the vote – in Wayne County, home of Detroit, Hillary won by a landslide, beating President Trump with 66.8 percent of the vote.


As the presidential campaign returns to Detroit tonight, Trump appears determined to repeat his victory in Michigan.