This Democrat Wants to Rebuild the Party of Lincoln

Rep. Charlie Rangel, (D-NY), weighed in on his decision to retire, the gridlock in Washington, and the unexpected way he plans to save America’s two-party system in retirement.

“The question has to be, are Democrats willing to compromise with the Republican right in order to come together and get something passed?” Rangel told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto during an interview.

According to Rangel the Republican Party is in disarray.

“Right now, as you and I talk, there is no Republican Party, it has been destroyed.”

Surprisingly, Rangel expressed hopes to help rebuild the Republican Party in his retirement.

“This should shock you, I’d like to play a role in restoring the party of Lincoln. Why? Because this republic cannot be a one-party country. We need two parties.”

Rangel reminisced that the Republican Party he faced across the aisle when he first came to Congress is quite different than the one he sees today.

“We need a party that is not just angry with the whole world. It’s not the Rockefellers that I knew. It’s not the party that I went to Congress with. And it’s really not the people you were talking to on Wall Street. It’s a lot of frustrated people, didn’t get a lot of education, had a lot of hopes and frustrations.”