The Video Hillary Clinton Didn't Want You To See

The Clinton Campaign made a video to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her presidential campaign with one catch -- they didn’t want you to see it. Soon after the video was released, her campaign pulled the video down. 

In the video, Hillary Clinton bobs her head and talks about the excitement of her campaign over the past year. 

“There’s some view that the whole head bobbing thing doesn’t work for Hillary and they are trying to get her to stop doing it,” Fiscal Times columnist Liz Peek told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Peek added that the video looks back on the past year, which has hurt her against Bernie Sanders.

“There’s much too much of Hillary’s campaign that is focused backward… The truth is Bernie Sanders is moving forward and that’s why people are excited about Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. I think they were right to drop it, ” she said.