The coastal elites are saying ‘Texas, it’s your fault’: Stuart Varney

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To progressives, Houston has itself to blame: Stuart Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney on progressives' rhetoric over Harvey.

The Left finds fault with Houston. To progressives, Houston has itself to blame. As the misery in Texas rolls out, the coastal elites are saying: Texas, it’s your fault.

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They make two arguments:

First, Houston's rapid development trampled on wetlands and prairies. So, not enough drainage. And there's just not enough regulation either. Well, a mountain of regulation didn't help the New York area when it was hit by Superstorm Sandy. And i suspect that no amount of planning could have alleviated Houston's biblical, 500-year flood!

Second, Houston is the center of the fossil fuel industry – oil and gas – which progressives believe is a big factor in global warming. Therefore, the flood is Houston's fault. I guess it was inevitable, the climate warriors had to get their two cents in, but they ignore all the research which shows there has been no increase in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes since 1900 and no increase in the frequency or intensity of floods since 1950.

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No, what's really going on here is jealousy and cultural contempt.

The coastal elites can't stand Houston's success. New York and California are hemorrhaging middle-class people; they're leaving, fed up with high taxes, high costs and throttling regulation. A lot of 'em are going to Texas. The Left doesn't like a capitalist success.

And the Left really detests the public display of religion in the rescue effort. And they seem confused by the volunteers who poured in with non-government help. Ordinary people helping each other. Religious people thanking God, in public! The progressives can't handle it.

So ignore them. They've dominated our culture for a generation....time's up.

God bless you Texas.

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