Snap-on CEO: Manufacturing has a PR Problem

Snap-on Chairman and CEO Nick Pinchuk said Tuesday he was pleased with President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” speech at the company’s headquarters in Wisconsin.

“We think we are one of the most quintessential manufacturers… More than just a phrase, it [Buy American, Hire American] creates and draws attention to the essential nature of American manufacturing to our country’s way forward,” said Pinchuk during an interview on FOX Business’ After the Bell.

The Snap-on executive said people no longer have respect for manufacturing jobs.

“From a Snap-on point of view, we think the seminal issue of our time is the upskilling of the American work force,” he said. “One of the reasons why the middle class has shrunk is because manufacturing jobs have reduced. Thirty percent have been lost in the last several decades.”

Pinchuk believes that part of the problem is less people are aspiring to work in the manufacturing industry.

“Manufacturing has a PR problem … People are looking at manufacturing jobs as a consolation prize. Skilled workers, which is the essential to winning the global competition to jobs, are in scarce supply.”