Sheriff Clarke Sounds Off on Law Enforcement over Anti-Trump Immigration Policy


Sheriff Clarke on police chiefs opposing Trump's immigration policy

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on police chiefs' joint letter opposing President Trump's immigration policy.

A group of law enforcement leaders are standing up to President Trump’s immigration policy calling for local police to be excluded from enforcing immigration laws.

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The 63 police chiefs and sheriffs that make up the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force issued a letter saying the cities they police should not be penalized for “sanctuary” immigration policies.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said the statement issued by the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force is “disappointing.”

“Sanctuary cities provide a safe haven for criminal illegal aliens involved in some very heinous crimes against members of the community. Look, you can’t have it both ways if they don’t want to participate,” he said.

According to Clarke, it is part of the law enforcement officer’s code of ethics to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in the pursuit of justice.

“I have an obligation to protect the law-abiding people of my community. We’ve had criminal illegal aliens in Milwaukee County that have been involved in some very serious crimes, including drunk driving that has led to deaths, things like that,” he said.

When illegal immigrants commit crimes, Clarke said other illegals don’t report them for fear of being discovered themselves.

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“We’re seeing underreporting of domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual assault—things like that—because if you’re in the country illegally you say ‘I can’t call the police because they might discover me.’ That allows the criminal illegal alien to continue to victimize these folks over and over and over again,” Clarke said.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff said the statement made by the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force is a disservice to the communities and people they serve.

“You cannot allow people to cross your borders, come into your country illegally and set up residence and that’s what this is doing,” he said.

When asked if he would consider a possible Senate run, Sheriff Clarke said, “That’s a big decision. I haven’t made that decision. I never say never, but at the same time that’s not real high on the priorities.”

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