Sen. Rand Paul: If Intel Community is Being Used for Politics, That’s a Very Serious Crime

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says reports he was a target of Obama Administration spying raises troubling questions about abuse of power. “If the intelligence community is being used for politics, that is a very, very serious crime."

Paul says reporters have told him they have evidence that surveillance happened. “I’ve asked the White House and I’ve asked the House Intel Committee and I’ve asked the Senate Intel Committee,” Paul told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne.

Paul says the reports of widespread surveillance raise concerns over the potential political fallout of the executive branch spying on members of Congress.

“There is supposed to be a procedure called a ‘Gates notification’ and if someone is listening to someone in Congress in the executive branch that has a potential great danger to disrupt the freedom of the legislative branch to criticize the executive branch.”

Paul said the illegal use of intelligence community resources for political purposes raises chilling questions. “They have so much power to collect, I mean they have the power to collect information, invade your privacy but also to destroy you.”

Paul pointed to Gen. Michael Flynn as an example of how surveillance can impact someone’s reputation.

“Gen. Flynn, like him or not, agree or not, he was destroyed by an illegal listening, illegal surveillance of his phone conversation.  If that’s going to go on, can you imagine what would happen to an ordinary citizen if the government’s ever to listen in on them."