Saudi women making big gains in society, Royal Embassy spokesperson says

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is making good on his progressive promises, according to newly appointed spokesperson for the Royal Embassy, Fatimah Salem A. Baeshen who says Vision 2030 has leveled the playing field -- especially for women.

“One of the targets in Vision 2030 was to increase the matriculation of women into the workforce,” Salem A. Baeshen said Friday to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

The nation, rich in petroleum resources, is becoming more progressive, recently announcing that it would allow women to drive and also welcome foreign investment.

“Saudi women have been doing amazing things for several decades and now the environment is being facilitated to contribute just like everyone else,” she said.

Women also began holding positions in several areas: the Saudi Stock Exchange, which is chaired by a woman; the Ministry of Justice; the public prosecution office; and passport control. In 2018 -- for the first time in Kingdom history -- women were allowed to enter a stadium to watch football.

“So we’ve seen incrementally and systematically the increase of women into the public space which is a positive indication of the overall trajectory,” Salem A. Baeshen added.

Last November, the kingdom’s richest princes, cabinet officials and businessmen were detained and placed under house arrest in the palatial five-star Saudi Ritz-Carlton as part of a sweeping corruption crackdown.

The purge is coming to an end, according to Salem A. Baeshen, as roughly $107 billion worth of stolen funds have been retrieved.