Republican Party is walking away from the GOP president: Stuart Varney

The congressional calendar is jammed. There are serious doubts that there's room for all the legislation that's lined up waiting for a vote.

Well the current political crisis swirling around the White House, is making things worse.

Look at this. There are just 12 days before the end of September, when the House and Senate are in session together. In those 12 days, Congress has to pass a budget and a debt ceiling extension. That's surely very difficult.

Now throw in the Republican Party walking away from the Republican president. That is what's happening. And the chances of getting a budget, debt ceiling, health care, tax cuts and infrastructure done this year are surely slim and none.

This is how the piling on of the president and his isolation from key allies are hurting the growth agenda.

To get anything done, he needs the full, unified vote of the GOP in the House and Senate. As things stands, he won't get those votes.

The key question for investors and voters alike is this: can he get any kind of tax cut done this year? Surely that is now the priority. It’s the key part of the growth plan.

Regrettably, the answer to that question is: probably not. Tax cuts this year are slipping away, drowned in the swamp and suffocated by the political crisis that is of the president's own making.