Rep. Jordan: Appears Clinton Said "False Things" to Congress on Benghazi

After FBI Director James Comey testified on Capitol Hill Thursday regarding the agency’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of e-mails when she was secretary of state, Rep. Jim Jordan said Congress might take a new look at Clinton’s Benghazi testimony.

“One of the places we may go is when Secretary Clinton testified in front of the Benghazi Committee last October... It appears very strongly that she said false things,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne.

The Ohio Republican congressman pointed out what he said were inconsistencies between Comey’s comments and former Secretary Clinton’s prior testimony.

“She had one server. Mr. Comey and his investigation says ‘no there were several servers.’ She said her legal team screened every single email. He said, in his investigation in his comments on Tuesday, ‘they did not screen every single email’ -- and maybe most importantly, she testified under oath at that hearing that nothing she sent or received was marked classified, and Mr. Comey said ‘yes in fact there were,’” Jordan said.