Rep. Issa: Administration Made it Clear They Won't Indict Clinton for Anything

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Issa: Clear Obama administration won't indict Hillary

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) discusses Hillary Clinton's scandals as she kicks off her general election campaign in Pennsylvania.

Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), discusses the scandals plaguing Hillary Clinton.

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Rep. Issa first weighed in on the latest in the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

“Well, it’s tending to wind down because this Administration has made it clear they won’t indict her for anything.  They won’t even indict people in the State Department that sent and received these highly sensitive, classified emails.  But, you know, this isn’t new,” Issa told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne.

Issa says the Clinton Foundation scandal, on the other hand, could still be a problem for Hillary Clinton.

“It’s an interesting one because yes, the FBI still has an open case on the misdealings and particularly the misdealings in uranium deals and trips by Hillary Clinton that coincided with the Clinton Foundation receiving countless millions of dollars.

Issa then explained the signs that the FBI should further investigate the Clinton Foundation scandal.

“You know, one of the interesting things in her acceptance speech is Hillary Clinton didn’t want to talk about her accomplishments, but she did want to mention that she’d traveled to 112 countries.  Well in some of those countries she was there on the same day that Bill was there.  She was meeting with top officials, he was getting money from those top officials.  So it’s hard for the FBI at least not to take a look at that and realize there’s something wrong there.”

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But according to Issa the scandals have added to voters’ lack of trust in Hillary Clinton.

“Well the ultimate indictment of Hillary Clinton is that she has 65-70 percent of the population knowing she’s not trustworthy and many of those people wouldn’t otherwise vote for her.  This is an example of somebody who has experience, but not accomplishment, who has traveled, but in fact not traveled and accomplished anything.”

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