Ralph Nader: Clinton Foundation’s Actions Should Result in Indictment

Four-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader called Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play involvement with the Clinton Foundation a “lethal quadrangle.”

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“It’s the content of the emails not so much the classification, non-classification and it’s the lethal quadrangle – Hillary Clinton in the State Department, Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton making $10,000 a minute or whatever with his speeches and corporate mining magnets and other big corporations wanting favors,” Nader said during an interview on FOX Business Network’s After the Closing Bell.

The “Breaking Through Power” author said some of the business interests involving national security, like Uranium deal involving one-fifth of all U.S. strategic uranium reserves, casts serious suspicions as it confirms special favors may have been provided as leverage through the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s speeches.

“They want favors from the State Department. They used Bill Clinton, they give him huge speech fees and then they turn around and make big contributions to the Clinton Foundation. It’s very unsavory and there’s going to be more emails coming out to illustrate that,” Nader said.

Nader said he hasn’t discovered anything illegal within Clinton Foundation documents, but he finds the foundation’s actions unethical.

“Not in the documented sense, but it’s so unethical, so unsavory, so seamy. That ought to be a serious indictment itself."

Update 9-22/16: This story was updated, after publication, to include Ralph Nader’s full quote on the Clinton Foundation clarifying his reference as a moral indictment rather than one of a legal nature.