Polls are shifting in President Trump's favor thanks to the economy: Varney

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The polls are beginning to shift in President Trump's favor.

His approval rating is now 42%. That is not a good number, but it is a lot better than the low 30s he was hitting two months ago. What changed? The economy.

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November through December, holiday spending was robust. The money was flowing. As the year turned, the president signed on to tax cuts and in January, the bonuses started to flow. There's nothing like a $1,000 check to gladden the heart! That’s when these approval polls were taken. And that’s when his rating started to move up.

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Now, we're into February, and most pay checks have gone up as the tax cuts take effect. And the bonuses are still flowing— Best Buy just gave $1,000 to more than 100,000 full-time employees. Who would have thought we would see businesses compete to offer more to their workers? But that’s what's happening. The money is flowing. When the polls come in for February, expect the president's approval rating to go up some more.

The Democrats' response misses the mark. Nancy Pelosi's "crumbs" comment sounds out of touch, and her statement that Middle America will pay more in taxes is, shall we say, wildly inaccurate. Now, the Democrats' attacks on the president ignore the economy and focus instead on the memo. Tough going— they thought Russia, Russia, Russia would bury the president. Instead, it’s the Clinton campaign and the FBI that are the center of a major scandal.

It was a generation ago that Bill Clinton swept into the White House with the slogan: "it’s the economy, stupid," true then, and true now.

Today, the president goes to Ohio and he will pound away on the economy's success.

Nine months to the elections, watch those approval polls.

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