Philadelphia AR-15-armed guard eyes Walmart, Wawa after defending 'property, liberty and life' at gas station

S.I.T.E Security State Agent Chief Andre Boyer hired to protect Philly gas station

After being hired by a North Philadelphia gas station owner following a string of thefts and illegal activity on the property, lead agent and AR-15-toting S.I.T.E Security State Agent Chief Andre Boyer hopes to provide his services to larger retailers like Wawa and Walmart, after crime in the city "hit rock bottom."

"I'm here to protect my clients and the owner and his employees. If someone walks into this store right now with a weapon and threatens to harm any of them, I can open fire, and I will open fire to protect property, liberty and life," Chief Boyer said Friday outside the gas station in an appearance on "Varney & Co."

According to Boyer, who leads a team of armed former law enforcement officers and has lived in Philadelphia "all [his] life," the city’s crime crisis has worsened under the watch of the current mayor, district attorney and police commissioner.

"Philadelphia… It hit rock bottom," Boyer told host Stuart Varney. "You have a police commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, who basically believes more in painting her fingernails black than finding a solution to fighting crime. You have a D.A., Larry Krasner, who the street criminals call Uncle Larry Krasner, who's more focused on being a social worker, than what it says on his door - his door when we elected him, says, 'prosecutor.' He's not prosecuting."


Boyer also put the onus on Democratic Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to step down from office if he’s not going to act and combat rising violent crimes.

Chief Andre Boyer outside gas station

S.I.T.E Security State Agent Chief Andre Boyer is protecting "property, liberty and life," the guard said outside a North Philadelphia gas station on "Varney & Co." Friday, December 9, 2022. (Fox News)

"You got a mayor who for eight years [has] been promising the citizens of Philadelphia that he's going to do something about the homicides, the shootings and the crimes. And he has yet to hold up to that," Boyer said. "Again, I say to the mayor, if you're not up to the task, step down and let me take over."

Boyer previously told Fox News that his agency has the ability to make arrests and use force on behalf of Pennsylvania State, and criminality has since dropped significantly with his agents patrolling the gas station.

Owner of the North Philly Karco station, Neil Patel, told FOX Business’ Jeff Flock on Thursday why he hired Boyer and the S.I.T.E. team.

"We are tired from all this nonsense: robbery, drug trafficking, [racketeering], all kinds of [crime]," Patel said. "I am fearful for my safety, my employee, as well as my nice neighborhood. All customer[s]."

While Chief Boyer admitted he hasn’t personally stopped any robberies yet, the lead agent assured he’d "take action" to stop a perpetrator in progress.

Boyer’s goal is to eventually expand operations to larger retail brands such as Wawa and Walmart. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon publicly noted theft and shrinkage concerns this week, and Boyer claimed a local Wawa manager expressed that she wished her store had the S.I.T.E. team present.


"This is just the beginning. My goal is to eventually get Wawa, Walmart," Boyer told Varney. "Think about it: Fort Knox gold is safe. You know why? Because the outer perimeter, you can't get in. You're going to get stopped before you get in. If Walmart and Wawa were safe on the outer perimeters, and our schools, if they were safe on the outer perimeter, people dying, people getting shot, it wouldn't happen."

"Jesse Watters Primetime" host Jesse Watters said the show reached out to Krasner, as well as Sen-elect John Fetterman, D-Pa. and wife Gisele for comment Wednesday evening, but received no response from the trio by airtime.


Fox News’ Charles Creitz contributed to this report.